Dhulagori Mahila Samity

From The Desk of Secretary

Rural people are the backbones of the country. Unfortunately, rural development is one sector of our society which gets less priority in overall. We are determined to join hands in uplifting the rural people. Dhulagori Mahila Samity, a determined society believes this as the first step towards a great mission. To promote participatory democracy, educate, organize and empower the rural poor who would in future act like catalyst in promoting gender equality, justice, socio-economic growth and self-reliance.

Dhulagori Mahila Samity is a private organization that pursues activities to relieve suffering, promote the interests of the poor, protect the environment, provide basic social services, or undertake community development.

The organization has been founded with the core principles of assisting the destitute by providing basic needs & services as an upliftment and also making difference in the lives of under-privileged women by giving best support to fulfill their dream of socio economic development.

We envisage a society free from all kind of exploitation and injustice and where no one remains hungry, unemployed, illiterate and exploited. The Vision of the Society is to make the people of this region technically smart, strong and dynamic and up-liftmen of down trodden through Govt. and Non Govt. Sponsored Schemes and participating in various. Activities for protection of the interest of the helpless, oppressed and needy masses and their well-being, As well as aiming to provide training for agricultural development, developing skills for youths in both rural and urban areas across the country through Govt. and Non-Govt.Sponsored Schemes.