Submitted Project

The organisation has successfully submitted some Projects to the International Funding Agency, " Save the Children " on " Intervention Project on Adolescent S.R.H. and alternative livelihood and is awaiting approval. 
Project " Swawalamban" has been submitted to the District Social Welfare Officer of the Government of West Bengal as per the directions given. This project has been approved.
Negotiations have been initiated with other International NGOs like " Handicap International" for a project on " Aged People's Home".


List of Projects completed by us

1) National Child Labor Project on going school in Howrah District.
2) Tuberculosis Health Action Learning Initiative (THALI) in Howrah District. 
3) Running Skill Development training program all West Bengal.
4) Adolescence girl awareness program.
5) HIV/AIDS (ML Project).
6) Smokeless Chula project.
7) Women and Child health in Howrah District.
8) Women Empowerment in entire West Bengal.