Essential Commodity for Livelihood

Dhulagori Mahila Samity
* Low Cost Sanitary Latrines : 
There has been good response in the matter of low cost latrines in the villages in over five blocks of the District of Howrah .On its own initiative, the Organization has installed 900 such latrines in the aforesaid blocks after motivating users to enjoy the subsidy provided by the local government it was quite an effort to get these 900 families to change their age old unhealthy habits of using open fields and railway tracks.


Dhulagori Mahila Samity
* Forestation : 
This year, 20 programs were conducted to protect environment through planting of trees and plants (forestation) ,in the Sankrail ,Amta I & II and J.B.Pur blocks.
With a partial support from the Forest Department , Government of West Bengal ,we have been able to procure a variety of 4000 saplings like Mahogany ,Sal , Teak, Gummer, Coconut etc. In order to re-enforce ponds and even roadways from the effects of erosion. We have distributed saplings throughout the year have also distributed them through our sister organization. This will go a long way in providing a pollution free environment and creating some costly assets for the society.


Dhulagori Mahila Samity
* Pisciculture :
Trained women of some of the Dhulagori villages were provided with two ponds covering about four acres of water in order to be able to cultivate fish with some technical help from the Fisheries Department ,Government of West Bengal . This provided part time employment to all the women involved besides earning revenue for the Organization This revenue in turn helped us to take up other welfare activities like marriages, grants, book distribution in deserving cases.


Dhulagori Mahila Samity

* Improved Smokeless Chullah : 

The program has made an impact in the villages by way of pollution free environment, saving firewood at the time of cooking This has created a great demand for the smokeless chullah in the villages which are yet to be covered. This program was carried out this year in the Sankrail ,Panchia ,J.B.Pur ,Anita I & II blocks.