Our Objective

Our Objectives

  • To Development Social and Cultural Co-operation between all sections of the community.
  • To promote Social Justice, equality and human rights especially for children, women ,the working classes , the backward classes, Minorities classes and other people and deprived sections of society. 
  • To imparting trainings to create awareness and infuse confidence leading them to make employable or to set up an enterprise.
  • To promote all facilities for farmers whose are directly produce our food grain from different sources of the country. 
  • To impart education programmed for street children and child lab our, slam children and illiterate adults.
  • To caring for health of people, including Nutrition, Child care, Reproductive Health, Institutional Deliveries, Lactating Mothers, Prevention HIV/Aids /STD/RTI and hygienic sanitation etc. 
  • To aware for environment system, Effects of Global Worming and to support the sustainable solution by way of plantation and prevent unnecessary tree cutting, water and Soil conservation.
  • To improve the all condition of poor rural women and Women empowerment.
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  • To remove the darkness of the Society